COVID-19 Pandemic Safety Guidelines

  • Drop-Off:

At this time, we are asking that only LRD Staff and its Dancers access our waiting area.  This will allow for the most appropriate physical distancing.  A member of the LRD Staff will greet dancers as they arrive.  Parents are asked to drop their child off at the front entrance.  Seating areas will be available outside the facility for those choosing to stay while class is in session.  

  • Health Screening: 

Any dancer or staff member exhibiting any of the following symptoms is not permitted inside the dance studio;

Fever higher than 100


Shortness of breath

Muscle or body aches

Recent loss of taste or smell

Sore throat

Nausea or vomiting


Congested or runny nose

Anyone that has knowingly been in contact with someone with COVID-19 symptoms is not permitted inside Lakes Region Dance.   Those who have traveled outside the United States in the last 14 days, by cruise ship, or have traveled domestically outside of New England on a plane, train, or bus are not permitted inside Lakes Region Dance unless they can verify a negative COVID-19 test or have quarantine for 14 days.  Attendance will be taken to assist with contact tracing.      

  • Dress Code:

LRD’s dressing rooms will not be available for changing purposes.  Dancers are asked to arrive prepared and ready for class.  Cubbies are available for dancers to place their belongings in.  They are located in the waiting area.  Each of them will be disinfected between each class.  

  • While Class Is In Session:

Once inside, dancers are required to wear a mask into and out of the dance studio. Dancers are not required to wear a mask while dancing unless the choreography involves dancers coming closer than 6 feet to one another.  All equipment, including props, mats, and bars, will be disinfected between classes.  Dancers are asked to use hand sanitizer (provided) before and after class.  LRD Staff is required to wear masks at all times.  Some classes require “hands-on” teaching at times.  If this does not meet your approval please notify the teacher.  Each dancer will occupy a 6’ by 6’ section of the floor, outlined with tape.

  • Creative Movement class:

Dancers may need a parent to accompany them to assist in maintaining the appropriate physical distancing.  This will be determined by the teacher and based on the dancer’s ability to remain in his/her outlined area.       


Use of mats–  In the younger Tumble classes, each dancer will be provided with their own mat.  In the Advanced Tumble classes, dancers will share mats, using hand sanitizer after each pass.  

Spotting-  For safety purposes, dancers will be provided with a spotter as needed.  Both dancers and spotters are required to wear a mask at all times.

  • Pick Up:

At the conclusion of class, LRD Staff will facilitate the dismissal of students.  Parents can pick their child up at the front entrance.