I would like to let everyone know just how amazing it was to have the Dynamic Dancer’s from St. John USVI here with us.  Many of you saw them perform at the recital and may have even seen the cuteness overload.  Some of you or your dancers may have had the experience to meet the Dynamic Dancers as well.  This had been a huge task to get them here and it wouldn’t have happened without the help from Sue Nicholas, Kristin Nedeau, Michele DuBois, Kim Anderson and Stephanie St. Peter.  We actually did it and at many times wondered if it would really happen.  For those of you who didn’t hear at the recital, we raised a little over $9000 to help pay for their housing, transportation, food and activities.  With about $500 leftover that will go towards buying a piece of tumble equipment for them and photobooks for each dancer to never forget the memories.  I can speak for myself when saying that I have made a true connection to the story of St. John, the hardship of these girls after the hurricane and the beauty they all have within.  I miss the hugs from the girls and the feeling like they were celebrities the week they were here.  Miss Pat is a wonderful woman that has a true blessing in helping these girls.  My eyes were opened and I know the same goes for all of the Dynamic Dancers.  Many penpal relationships were made and I feel like LRD was able to provide this great opportunity not only for the Dynamic Dancers but for ours as well.  We have posted many pictures on Facebook and Instagram so hopefully you have had a chance to see all of the fun we had with them.  NEXT STOP…ST. JOHN WITH OUR DANCERS!!!

Pictures of the Dynamic Dancer’s visit to NH including Storyland, a train ride, tumble time and Belly Dancing!  

The Dynamic Dancers performing in LRD’s Recital “Good Old Days” 2018