We are so happy to have found Lakes Region dance!  After moving to the Lakes Region last July we were looking for a new dance studio for our daughter to join.  We came across Lakes Region Dance (LRD) online, looked up the classes they offered and emailed the owner, Lea, with some questions.  She was quick to respond, answered all our questions and invited us to their open house/registration that September.  After going to the open house, meeting the rest of the teaching crew and seeing the studio my daughter was hooked and very excited to join LRD.  We had a great first season with LRD and look forward to a second season of dance with the LRD family.  All of the dance instructors at LRD are kind, caring, and talented. They always have infectious smiles on their faces and greet each and every child with enthusiasm and a love for dance that cannot be matched!

Kerry Watts

I am so glad I switched my daughter from her old dance class to LRD!  Miss Mary is fantastic with the children.  The studio’s are very clean and the decor is perfect.

Julie Burr

I love LRD because it is a family, not just a dance studio. There are so many amazing girls that are crazy talented and good role models. The teachers are extremely dedicated and do an incredible job!

Melissa Carroll

When I signed Em up for her first class in 2014 it was basically to keep her busy and have extra interaction with people. She has always been so shy and quiet. I’ll never forget how nervous I was when it came to her first recital time that she would not end up being able to go out on stage due to her stage fright, all the people watching etc.  Come recital day she did it, it was a huge break through for her and one I’ll truly never forget. I never expected her to take so much from these classes. I’m blown away by how much she’s accomplished physically and skill set wise but what she has taken home from it mentally, her confidence, not letting fear control her, not being afraid to fall anymore, determination.. is absolutely beyond words. Something, as a mother, makes me cry to see my little girl who was once so shy, as she would hide behind me to avoid talking to people.  She would never have tried even a cartwheel in fear of falling in front of people to this young woman who now looks so forward to class on Tuesdays and most days asks to go early to see and socialize with girls at the studio.  She is a young woman who now isn’t afraid of falling in front of a large class of girls and she gets right back up without thinking twice to try again. All of you ladies at LRD have had such a positive influence in her life, she adores you all. The older girls who help with classes are amazing, Em looks up to so many of them, it makes her day when one of them compliments her skill. They’re such phenomenal role models for the younger girls. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, each and everyone of you. What she’s learned goes beyond the classroom as it will help her grow as an all around person. Signing Em up at LRD was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. ❤️

Alicia Laferriere

My daughter started dancing with Lakes Region Dance in 2012. She had just turned 5 and we were looking for a fun extra curricular activity that she might enjoy. Little did we know that it would become so much more than that! She has since joined the Competition Team and just finished her third year competing. She has learned so much about hard work and discipline and it has been amazing for her self confidence! LRD has become our home away from home. We love all of the teachers and appreciate their constant encouragement. My daughter has made some really great friends here and I have watched her grow with each passing year. We look forward to many more years to come! 
                                                           LRD Proud ?
We are so lucky to have such an outstanding dance studio in our area!  Lea and all the teachers are so professional and knowledgeable.  We are also involved with competition dance, and I can’t imagine all the hours that go into scheduling these events and each year they go so smoothly.  Kudos to LRD!
Amazing performances last night by the competition team.  With that said I just want to take a moment and say how amazing Lakes Region Dance and Lea King have been in all of our 11 years of doing dance! I’ve never seen a teacher go above and beyond for each individual student making them feel so comfortable and confident in themselves.  The little things I’ve seen this company do, the girls that ALL work together helping each, so kind to one another, as well as the parents and teachers. As a mom I am grateful for this opportunity to be a part of such a great company! Little things mean a ton way to go LRD I’m glad we made the switch to open up doors to new life experiences
Tasha Welch
I Just wanted to say how impressed we were at the recital! The poise, grace, and clear dedication shown by LRD staff and dancers was very apparent. The audience was able to see progression from the little ones right up to the seniors! I was a cheer coach for many years and can truly appreciate how much patience, heart, sweat, and hard work you, your instructors, and dancers have put fourth. Well done! 

This was our first year at LRD with Sadie, she is absolutely in love with dance! It has been such a positive experience for her as well as our family! My oldest daughters spent 15 years in competitive cheer. One of them suffered a sports ending head injury and the other a horrible knee injury within a year of each other when Sadie was a baby. We knew then that we would never be able to put another one of our children in the sport our family put 100% into for so many years. We were all saddened that we wouldn’t be able to coach her or watch her cheer through her youth. My daughters gained so much from those years and we learned lessons as a family that will stay with us forever. Watching your studio both Friday and Saturday night brought myself, husband, and older daughters back to those days. How you all handled yourselves, how the girls supported one another, Mother’s were helping other mothers daughters and one another, the Dad’s well they were Dad’s pretty awkward until their little girls and boys hit the stage and their faces filled with pride. The genuine kind spirit of all involved was evident. We now know that through your studio our little lady will get all the experiences, values, and empowerment we thought she might miss out on! 
My entire family was moved by the dance that I imagine was dedicated to some very special people (the one with the cross) it brought chills and tears to myself, my daughters, husband, mother, and every person sitting next to us. And the tribute to the seniors…don’t get me started! Those girls put so much of themselves into their craft for so many years the slide show was absolutely amazing! The work and selflessness of so many that went into getting the girls from St. John to the show was nothing short of a miracle! We are fairly new to town, we left the school our daughters graduated from 3 years ago feeling as though we were finally townies! Your dancers, instructors, and dance families have created something magical. I’m sure you all felt it but in the event you didn’t I wanted to tell you so! We are so happy to have found your studio and look forward to the next 15 years watching our little dancer grow with LRD!
The Newest Dance Mom
Leslie Heaton
We are so excited for Braelyn’s first ever competition showcase on Friday night!! She has worked so hard with her fellow dancers 👯 and we can’t wait to see their hard work paid off. Braelyn is nervous for the unknown of what competition entails but if she continues to work hard and persevere like she always has, it’ll be a piece of cake 🎂Neil and I are so incredibly proud of how far she has come over the last 4 years at Lakes Region Dance and we can’t wait to see her shine! 🌟 We love being a part of this dance family & love how much they’ve welcomed and loved on us. 💜  Kimberly Ide
I can’t imagine being anywhere else. The owner, the staff, and the overall atmosphere is everything that I could ever ask for in a dance studio for my daughter. Not only is she challenged to grow and excel in her craft but she is also encouraged and loved for who she is. It truly is a family and we are grateful for every memory and experience we get to share with all that are a part of it.❤️  Vicki Fleury