For the beginner dancer. Students will learn about movement and their bodies through fun games and dance steps. They will learn the basic steps in Tap and Ballet.
Ballet and Tap shoes are required.


This class teaches the basics and fundamentals of ballet and jazz.
Ballet shoes are required.

BALLET CLASSES (ages 7 and up)

Students will be taught classically based technique and terminology essential to dancers of all styles.  Additionally, dancers will receive information regarding the art, history, and etiquette of ballet.  Students will also learn choreography of the classical era.
Ballet shoes are required.

JAZZ CLASSES (ages 7 and up)

Students are taught jazz steps, combinations and choreography. Modern Jazz, Classical Jazz and New Age Jazz are all incorporated.
No shoes are required.

MODERN CLASSES (levels 6 and up)

Modern dance exceeds the limits of ballet and jazz movement.  Dancers learn how to use their bodies and the space around them in artistic and expressive ways.
No shoes required.

TAP (all ages)

This is a style of dance that produces rhythms and percussions by the use of tap shoes that have metal on the toes and heels.
Tap shoes are required.

TUMBLE (ages 3 and up)

Tumble pairs basic acrobatic moves with dance technique to increase a dancer’s flexibility and strength.  This class offers time for dancers to enhance their athletic ability to be used in many other styles of dance.
No shoes are required.  Gymnastic mats are used.

MUSICAL THEATER (levels 4 and up)

**No singing required.
Class will be conducted to traditional Broadway style music.  The focus of the class will be adding theatrics and performance skills to simple dance steps, along with learning basic theater skills and direction.

HIP HOP (ages 7 and up)

Students will focus on hip hop choreography to today’s hottest music.
No shoes are required.


LYRICAL/CONTEMPORARY (levels 3 and up)

This class teaches students to incorporate words with movement through choreography.
No shoes are required.


This is a class where ballet technique is taught using wooded pointe shoes. These shoes allow the dancer to dance high on the tip of their toes.  Students must be invited to participate in pointe along with taking 2 ballet technique classes.
Pointe shoes are required.